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Latest book: Choo, S. S. (2021). Teaching ethics through literature: The significance of Ethical Criticism in a global age (PP. 178). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Teaching Ethics through Literature provides in-depth understanding of a new and exciting shift in the fields of English education, Literature, Language Arts, and Literacy through exploring their connections with ethics. The book pioneers an approach to integrating ethics in the teaching of literature. This has become increasingly relevant and necessary in our globally connected age. A key feature of the book is its integration of theory and practice. It begins with a historical survey of the emergence of the ethical turn in Literature education and grounds this on the ideas of influential Ethical Philosophers and Literature scholars. Most importantly, it provides insights into how teachers can engage students in ethical concerns and apply practices of Ethical Criticism using rich on-the-ground case studies of high school Literature teachers in Australia, Singapore and the United States.


Choo, S. S. (2013). Reading the world, the globe, and the cosmos: Approaches to teaching literature for the twenty-first century. New York: Peter Lang. (Winner of 2014 Critics Choice Book Award, American Educational Studies Association).


Loh, C. E., Choo, S., & Beavis, C. (Eds.). (2018). Literature education in the Asia-Pacific: Policies, practices and perspectives in global times. New York: Routledge.


Yeo, D., Ang, Ann., Choo, Suzanne. (Ed.). (2020). The World, The Text and The Classroom: Teaching Literature in Singapore Secondary Schools. Singapore: Pearson.


cross worlds cover.jpg

Choo, S. S. (Ed.). (2015). Cross-Worlds: Short stories on global themes. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish.


Choo, S. S., & Chan, C. (2007). Reel world learning: Integrating media in the English classroom. Singapore: McGraw-Hill.

Selected Journal Articles

Articles with * indicates access full work on the journal site or final drafts of the published work:

Choo, S. S. & Chua, D. (2023). From moral adaptation to ethical criticism: Analyzing developments in Singapore’s character education programme. Journal of Moral Education, DOI: 10.1080/03057240.2023.2255754

Choo, S. S., Chua, B. L., & Yeo, D. (2022). The challenge of cultivating national and cosmopolitan identities through Literature: Insights from Singapore schools. Reading Research Quarterly, 57(2), 707-728.

Lee, W., & Choo, S. S. (2021). Citoyenneté cosmopolite : apprendre par la participation sociale et civique à Singapour. Revue Internationale d’Education de Sevres, 88(1), 53-62

Choo, S. S. (2021). Expanding the imagination: Mediating the aesthetic-political divide through the third space of ethics in Literature educationBritish Journal of Educational Studies, 69(1), 65-82.

Choo, S. S. (2020). The cosmopolitan turn in Literature education and its resulting tensions in Singapore schoolsCritical Studies in Education, 61(4), 512-527.

*Michael A. Peters, Fazal Rizvi, Gary McCulloch, Paul Gibbs, Radhika Gorur, Moon Hong, Yoonjung Hwang, Lew Zipin, Marie Brennan, Susan Robertson, John Quay, Justin Malbon, Danilo Taglietti, Ronald Barnett, Wang Chengbing, Peter McLaren, Rima Apple, Marianna Papastephanou, Nick Burbules, Liz Jackson, Pankaj Jalote, Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope, Aslam Fataar, James Conroy, Greg Misiaszek, Gert Biesta, Petar Jandrić, Suzanne S. Choo, Michael Apple, Lynda Stone, Rob Tierney, Marek Tesar, Tina Besley & Lauren Misiaszek (2020). Reimagining the new pedagogical possibilities for universities post-Covid-19. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

*Choo, S. S. (2020). Developing cosmopolitan habits through dispositional routinesEnglish Journal, 109(4), 107-108.

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*Choo, S. S. (2010). The role of visual thinking in writing the news story. English Journal, 99(4), 30-36.

Selected Book Chapter

Choo, S. S., Chia, A., & Chan, C. (2022). Key developments in English Education in Singapore from the Post-independence Period to the Present. In Lee, Y-J (Ed.), Education in Singapore : People-making and nation-building (pp. 281-299). Singapore : Springer.

Choo, S.S., & Weninger, C. (2022). Tensions and possibilities in developing cosmopolitan literacies through English education: Perspectives from two Singapore schools. In Hucks, D. C., Sealey-Ruiz, Y., Carothers, S. C., Showunmi, V., & Chance W. L. (Eds.), Purposeful teaching and learning in diverse contexts: Implications for access, equity and achievement (pp. 423-433). Charlotte, NC : Information Age Publishing.

Choo, S. S. (2022). Reframing global education in teacher education from the perspectives of Human Capability and Cosmopolitan Ethics. In Menter, I. (Ed.), The Palgrave Handbook of Teacher Education Research (pp. -). London : Palgrave Macmillan.

Zaidi, R., & Choo, S. S. (2021). Disrupting xenophobia through cosmopolitan critical literacy in education. In Pandya, J. Z., Mora, R. A., Alford, J., Golden, N. A. & de Roock, R. S. (Eds.), The critical literacies handbook (pp. 447-455). New York : Routledge.

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Choo, S. S. (2021). Cultivating cosmopolitan dispositions through Literature: Examples from Singapore schools. In Alviar-Martin, T. & Baildon, M. C. (Eds.), Research on Global Citizenship Education in Asia (pp. -). Charlotte, NC : Information Age Publishing.

Choo, S. S. (2019). World-seeing and world-making: The role of aesthetic education in cultivating citizens of the world. In Peterson, A., Stahl, G., & Soong, H. (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Citizenship and Education (pp. -). Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Choo, S. S., & Vinz, R. (2017). The literature teacher as restless cartographer: Pedagogies for cosmopolitan ethical explorations. In A. Goodwyn, C. Durrant, L. Reid, & L. Scherff. (Eds.), International perspectives on the teaching of Literature in schools: Global principles and practices (pp. 1-20). New York: Routledge.

Choo, S., Sawch, D., Villanueva, A., & Chan, C. (2017). Exploring the transformative potential of a global education framework: A case-Study of a school district in the United States. In Choo, S., Sawch, D., Villanueva, A., & Vinz, R. (Eds.), Educating for the 21st Century: Perspectives, Policies and Practices from Around the World (pp. 185-205). Singapore: Springer.

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Selected speeches, news and professional articles

Bahrawi, N. & Choo, S. S. (2020, March). Literature too can help Singapore students engage with  Asia, Today.

Ang, A., & Choo, S. (2020, June). In this crisis, let's educate our young to think and feel beyond the nation, Today.

Nah, D. & Choo, S. S. (2018, June). Cosmopolitan ethics in the teaching of Literature, Unseen - The Magazine: On Literary Conversations, criticism & Education.

Choo, S. S. (2017, October). The role of Literature in our age of global conflict, Harvard Education Publishing Blog.

Choo, S. S. (2017, December). Teaching Literature in a global age, The Mentor (Singapore Teachers Union) 

Choo, S. S., & Holden, P. (2016, June). English literature in schools: Time to update the plot?, Straits Times 

Choo, S. S. (2016, April 14). Cosmopolitanizing Literature Education in Singapore: Rethinking Why and How we Teach Literature. Speech, “Literally speaking: What are the boundaries,” The Select Centre.

Choo, S. S., & Poon, A. (2015, November). Importance of literature education for the future, Straits Times

Choo, S. S. (2015, Nov 4). What is the point of reading? Some thoughts. Singapore Writers Festival.

Poon, A., & Choo, S. S. (2015, October). Literature Education in Singapore: Contextualising Developments, Envisioning Possibilities. IPS-SAM Spotlight on Cultural Policy Series, Institute of Policy Studies.

Choo, S. S. (2015, June 4). “Poetry is a luxury we cannot afford”? What’s next for Arts, Humanities and Literature education. Arts, Humanities and Literature Conference, National Institute of Education.

Choo, S. S. (2014, July 23). No literature? Sadly, a missed opportunity to teach values. Straits Times, Think, 43.

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